Costa Rica: The Best Latin American Country

Published: 05th March 2007
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Most experts agree that Latin America is a burgeoning market for investors, with an increasingly educated populace, many acres of land for sale, a relatively safe political climate, and very desirable exchange rates with the US dollar. However, compared with the rest of Latin America, Costa Rica is hands down the best Latin American country there is, whether you're visiting Costa Rica, relocating to Costa Rica, or investing in Costa Rica.

When it comes to investing in Costa Rica, no country in Latin America even comes close to being a better choice. With a real estate market that has grown leaps and bounds, without faltering once, for the last fifteen years, investing in Costa Rica is practically a no-brainer -- although opportunities are fast running out as more and more people learn about the amazing money-making opportunities investing in Costa Rica has to offer.

Unlike many other Latin American countries, the Costa Rican government openly encourages foreigners investing in Costa Rica; in fact, it even promotes the investment opportunities the country has to offer. And while there is some petty theft in the more densely-populated areas, there is never any threat of losing your real property to the government or to local warlords, as there is in some other areas of Latin America. You can also purchase coastal property in Costa Rica, unlike its neighboring countries, which only permit leasing within 200 feet of the shore. Plus, with such a stable and established government, you never have to worry that the situation for investing in Costa Rica will be different under the next regime.

Costa Rica has a literary rate that rivals the United States, and since English is taught in its schools, you can function easily when visiting Costa Rica or even relocating to Costa Rica with just a few Spanish phrases. It's rate of adopting technologies like broadband Internet and cellular phone service has been at the forefront of all of Latin America, with more than one-quarter of the country enjoying high-speed connections and mobile phone service.

In terms of safety in Costa Rica, no other Latin American country stands a chance. While other Latin American countries are plagued with inner-turmoil, drug wars, and international conflicts, Costa Rica is so peaceful that it disbanded its army in 1949 because it had no further use for it. That means the one thing you'll never see in Costa Rica is armed military men guarding buildings or walking around downtown. Violent crime is practically unheard of across Costa Rica, and your personal safety in Costa Rica when visiting Costa Rica or even living in Costa Rica is practically guaranteed. No matter who you ask, Costa Rica will always be considered the safest Latin American country.

While each Latin American country presents its own opportunities for investment, investing in Costa Rica is widely considered to be the safest bet with the highest rate of return. With a highly-educated population, favorable laws for foreign investment, and a standard of living easily comparable to the United States (but without the added stress and crime!), Costa Rica is clearly the best Latin American country for foreign investors.

by David Lovendahl, Costa Vista Marketing

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